Appeal procedure

          The appeal procedure provides authors with the opportunity to respond to the editorial decision on their manuscript. Authors have the right to appeal to the Section editor against any decision taken on their manuscript at any stage. An appeal will be considered at the discretion of the leadership of Annual Journal of Technical University of Varna (AJTUV).

         How do I appeal?

Step 1: Send a rebuttal letter (in free form) by email to the corresponding Section editor via the journal emails for contact.

         Your letter must explain clearly, why you disagree with the decision on your manuscript, and should include a detailed response to any reviewers’ comments or recommendations. If it possible, the complaint must contain relevant references to information supporting the merits of the objection.

Step 2: The Section editor will consider your appeal, аnd at its discretion, it may be proceed to Step 3. In the case of inability to make a decision on its own, the Section Editor will refer the case to the Leadership of the AJTUV. All appeal requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and the Section editor's decision is final.

           If your appeal is granted

Step 3: Your manuscript will undergo further assessment by an independent reviewer.

Step 4: The Section editor will make a final decision on your manuscript.