An Assessment of university undergraduates’ adoption of mobile technologies for learning

  • Olori Abiola Lateef Olabisi Onabanjo University,Ago-lwoye
  • Omolola Aminat Ibrahim St.Leo’s College Onikoko, Abeokuta Ogun – Srate, Nigeria.
Keywords: pedagogy, adoption, mobile technology, ICT, undergraduates


The study examined influence of undergraduates’ perceived usefulness and ease of use of mobile technologies on its adoption for learning. Two research questions guided the study. Four hundred (400) students were randomly selected from the two purposively selected universities in Ogun State South West Nigeria. The study employed multiple regressions   in the analysis of the data collected.  From the result it was found out that undergraduate students’ perceived usefulness (=0.305, t=3.867, p<.05) has significant contribution on the adoption of mobile technologies for learning. Also, it was established that undergraduate students’ perceived ease of use (=0.151, t=1.992, p<.05) has significant contribution on the adoption of mobile technologies for learning. The study concluded that perception of students on the usefulness and ease of use influences adoption of mobile technology for learning. Amongst others, the study recommended the need to encourage undergraduates to adopt mobile technologies for learning instead of social media only.


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