Optimization of the parameters of the sewing thread cutting process

  • Yuri V Novikov Vitebsk State Technological University, Belarus
  • Stas Krasner Vitebsk State Technological University, Belarus
Keywords: cutting of sewing threads, movable knife blade, properties of threads, offset of knives, cutting processes, thread trimming in sewing machines


Sewing thread cutting processes are widely used in semi-automatic machines of the garment industry, and is an urgent problem. There is no scientifically based methodology for designing thread trimming mechanisms for semi-automatic sewing machines.

Cutting threads by the method of scissors does not provide complete cutting of all components of the thread in case of insufficient pressing of the knife planes to each other. To ensure complete trimming, a design cutting scheme has been developed and calculation formulas have been obtained for determining the force exerted by the thread on the movable knife, taking into account the mechanical characteristics of the cut sewing thread.


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