Mechanical Testing of Recycled HDPE Extruded Hollow Section

  • Greg Wheatley James Cook University
  • Rendage Sachini Sandeepa Chandrasiri University of Colombo
Keywords: High density polyethylene, Thermoplastic, Extrusion, Recycled, Mechanical properties


High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer which is classified as one of the highly consumed types of plastics. One major advantage of thermoplastic materials is their ability of recycling and reprocessing which will bring considerable economic and environmental benefits. The present paper, therefore, endeavors to explore the practical possibility of using recycled HDPE hollow section as a replacement of virgin HDPE made by the extrusion process. The main focus of the study was to evaluate the mechanical performance of the recycled HDPE and compare the results with virgin or non-recycled HDPE.  The modulus of elasticity, tensile yield and ultimate strength, compressive yield and ultimate strength, flexural yield and ultimate strength and the coefficient of thermal expansion were the main parameters to be checked against the respective mechanical properties. Thus, pursuant to the results, it was found out  that the modulus of elasticity and the tensile yield strength are lower in recycled HDPE compared to the non-recycled HDPE. However, there is no significant difference between the recycled and non-recycled HDPE for the tensile ultimate strength, compressive yield strength and compressive ultimate strength. The flexural yield strength and flexural ultimate strength properties of the recycled HDPE proved to be superior to those of the non-recycled HDPE. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the recycled HDPE sample was 130 μm/(m.°C) and that for the non-recycled HDPE was 142 μm/(m.°C).


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