Appropriate Conversion of Machine Learning Data

  • Dimitar Georgiev Todorov Технически Университет - гр.Варна
  • Karova Milena
Keywords: homogeneous environment, machine learning, data, k Nearest Neighbours, Support-Vactor Machines, secret key


Data is an important part of computer technology and, as such, explains the strong dependence of machine learning algorithms on it. The operation of any corresponding algorithm is directly dependent on the type of data and the proper data representation increases the productivity of these algorithms. Advanced in the present article is an algorithm for data pre-processing in a form that is most suitable for machine learning algorithms, with cryptographic secret keys being used as input data. The experimental results were satisfactory, and with the utilization of secret keys with significant differences, the recognition obtained is about 100%.


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Todorov, D., & Milena, K. (2022, December 31). Appropriate Conversion of Machine Learning Data. ANNUAL JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VARNA, BULGARIA, 6(2), 63-76.
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