Opportunities for forming competitive advantages through transfer of technology

  • Darina Marinova Pavlova Techninical university Varna
  • Sibel Ilhanova Ahmedova Technical university of Varna
Keywords: technologies,, technology transfer,, competitiveness,, competitive advantages,, innovations


Issues relating to technical and technological procurement of the firms in Bulgaria, which determines their positions in the local, regional and global market are particularly topical. The article examines the transfer of technology as a factor for improving the firms’ competitiveness and explores the opportunities for building competitive advantages through it. The practice of most developed countries proves conclusively that over the last few years the factor determining the macro- and micro-level competitiveness is, in fact, the advancement in technology. Identified in the paper are the main priorities for the individual firms operating at the abovementioned levels of economic development.


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World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2016

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