Innovative and intelligent solutions for recycling of household waste in Bulgaria

  • Krasimira Atanasova Dimitrova ТУ-Варна
Keywords: waste, recycling, composting, environmental problems, system of underground bins


Waste from industrial and other human activities, as well as household waste is a major source of environmental pollution. If it is controlled and managed in a adequate and intelligent way, the waste can be a valuable source of raw materials, especially considering that many of them are becoming more and more scarce. Many countries still manage their waste by landfills, although they are not sustainable in the long run. Landfill sites are potential pollutants of soil, water and air. The uncontrolled waste disposal can cause the release of chemicals that pose a danger to the human life and health. Among other things, the valuable materials in waste are lost. It is impossible to stop waste generation and the only alternative is their reuse through recycling and innovative utilization. Good waste management can greatly contribute to economic growth and work places creation. It saves valuable resources, helps to avoid expensive cleaning activities, as well as to prevent health and environmental problems. This study aims to analyze the situation of waste treatment in Bulgaria and to search for innovative intelligent solutions, based on international experience and best practices..


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