Computer parametric designing in Blender software for creating 3D paper models

  • Kremena Tsankova Markova TU-Varna
  • Tihomir Atanasov Dovramadjiev Technical university of Varna
  • Ginka Velikova Jecheva Technical university of Varna
Keywords: 3D, Blender, parametric, paper, models


In the contemporary conditions, the implementation of computer parametric design to facilitate the design of 3D paper models is successfully realized using modern technological tools such as the free software Blender. Through the convenient interface of the program, the modeling of the desired three-dimensional shapes is greatly facilitated. This also applies to the automated process of constructing a drawing of the resulting polygonal 3D models, which in the future are assembled into three-dimensional paper models. This paper describes in detail the process of fine-designing 3D paper models using specific exemplary primitive, text, and with relatively complex form.


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The software Blender under the GNU General Public License (GPL, or “free software”). Available information on:
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Karen Elizabeth Halbrook. Create 3D paper sculpture jewelry, home decor and gifts.
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Markova, K., Dovramadjiev, T., & Jecheva, G. (2017, December 28). Computer parametric designing in Blender software for creating 3D paper models. ANNUAL JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VARNA, BULGARIA, 1(1), 77-84.
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