Mathematical model of parametrically controlled matched filters

  • Borislav Georgiev Naydenov Technical university of Varna
  • Antim Hristov Yordanov Technical university of Varna
  • Lyubomir Petrov Kamburov Technical university of Varna
Keywords: radar systems, matched filters, noise resistence


A one model of parametrically controlled coherent filters is described and analyzed, applied also in radar systems and mobile communication systems to improve noise resistance. Application of the Nyquist-Shannon theorem in the frequency domain to obtain a set of frequency filters with variable parameters. The conversion of the signal at the output of the parameter filter using the auto correlation feature is shown when a normal white noise occurs.

Author Biography

Lyubomir Petrov Kamburov, Technical university of Varna


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Naydenov, B., Yordanov, A., & Kamburov, L. (2017, December 28). Mathematical model of parametrically controlled matched filters. ANNUAL JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VARNA, BULGARIA, 1(1), 27-31.
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