Methodology for creating 3D paper unfolded models with complex geometry using open-source software and resources with free personal and commercial license

  • Kremena Tsankova Markova Technical University of Varna
  • Tihomir Atanassov Dovramadjiev Technical University of Varna
  • Ginka Velikova Jecheva Technical University of Varna
Keywords: Inkscape, Blender, 3D, paper, models


The creation of 3D paper unfolded models with complex geometry requires precision in the design process. Achieving this is through the use of accessible resources and modern technological means which possess the necessary technical and functional capabilities. The successful realization of the models is through the use of a structured methodology containing design stages that are defined in the exact sequence. The present study aims to create the unfoldings of complex three-dimensional models by covering the stages of providing accessible resurses with a personal and commercial license that are transformed in sequence until the ready-made variants.


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