Analysis of the possibilities and limitations of the system man-machine in the manufacturing

  • Kiril Yankov Kirov Technical Univarsity of Varna
Keywords: Sustainable development, “Man-Machine” Systems, Quality, Organizational Knowledge


Presented in this article are the author's research on opportunities and restrictions arising from the current level of production equipment and the possibilities of the human operator. The studies are realized on the basis of consultation experience in respect the problems of achieving quality in manufacturing. The classification is proposed on the base of system “man-machine”. Restraint factors are reviewed. Relational to the modern concepts of sustainable development, recommendations are presented to achieve quality in the production process and the preservation of knowledge in the organization.


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Kirov, K. (2018, June 30). Analysis of the possibilities and limitations of the system man-machine in the manufacturing. ANNUAL JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VARNA, BULGARIA, 2(1), 47 - 51.
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