Mechanical properties of Cr-containing PM steels sintered in industrial conditions

  • Desislava Yordanova Mincheva Technical University of Varna
  • Plamen Nedkov Petrov Technical University of Varna
Keywords: Cr-containing, PM parts, copper alloying, mechanical properties, industrial conditions


The objectives of this present research work are Cr-containing PM steels sintered in industrial conditions. The sintering was carried out in industrial furnace with 85%N2+15%H2 atmosphere at temperature of T=1140oC, during 40min. It is obtained information about the mechanical properties of the investigated alloys, which serve to further studies connected with the application of chemical heat treatments such as oxidation and  gas carbonitriding.


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Mincheva, D., & Petrov, P. (2018, June 30). Mechanical properties of Cr-containing PM steels sintered in industrial conditions. ANNUAL JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VARNA, BULGARIA, 2(1), 9-16.
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