Paper Withdrawal Policy

Annual Journal of Technical University of Varna (AJTUV) strive to adhere to established standards of ethics and integrity in academic paper publishing. We expect that authors will also exhibit a high degree of integrity in their work and will adhere to accepted ethical standards.

It may happen some authors to request withdrawal of the paper in the publication process, once it is submitted. In some cases, the request for withdrawal is made soon after a paper is submitted. However, there are also cases when the request is submitted very late after the paper has already passed all the editing steps and is due to be published in the forthcoming issue. Withdrawal of papers in the last minute waste valuable resources and make no sense the efforts spent in processing the paper of the section editors, reviewers and editorial team of AJTUV.

To discourage unwarranted withdrawal of manuscripts, AJTUV has formulated a paper withdrawal policy as given below.

Paper Withdrawal Policy of AJTUV

To prevent the withdrawal of the paper, we kindly invite authors (i.e. correspondent author, first author or responsible for submitting the paper author), pay attention to the following questions before submitting paper for publication:

  • Check multiple times that the facts, data, obtained results, and conclusions presented in the paper are accurate and error-free.
  • Check and confirm that the facts and data included in the paper are the authors' own work. The authors are authorized by the affiliated institution to use the materials and resources included in the study. If data and facts are used by third parties or sources, the relevant written permissions are available for this.
  • Ensure that all authors agree with the manner of presentation and interpretation of the facts and data set out in the paper. In case of differences of opinion, pay attention to the concerns of all authors before submitting the paper for publication.
  • Specify the participating authors in the paper and order them according to their contribution before submitting the paper. Usually, this should be specified even before writing the paper.
  • Before submitting the paper for publication, inform all authors of the name of the journal (i.e. AJTUV) to which it will be submitted and provide a copy of the final version.
  • Confirm that all authors agree the paper to be submitted to AJTUV for publication. If there is any disagreement on the choice of AJTUV, find a solution that is acceptable to all authors before submitting the paper for publication.
  • Submit the paper to only one journal for publication. Do not simultaneously submit the paper to more than one journal. If the paper has been submitted to a journal for publication in the past, do not re-submit it to the AJTUV before receiving a confirmation from the first journal that the paper has been withdrawn from the publication process.

However, in cases of objective and unavoidable reasons, and with the consent of the Editorial team of the AJTUV, a submitted paper may be withdrawn from publication. For this purpose, the author(s) must submit an "Article withdrawal form", signed by all authors, and stating the reasons for the withdrawal. The form can be obtained upon request to the corresponding Sectional editor. The paper will not be withdrawn from publication process while not received a completed and signed form by all authors.

Sending a signed form does not yet mean that the paper has been withdrawn. The paper should not be considered withdrawn until corresponding author received official notification from the Editorial team of the AJTUV.

If an author withdraws a paper before it is submitted for review, it will be withdrawn within 48 hours of receiving the completed withdrawal form.

If the author reports withdrawal after successfully passing the review stage and the paper is already assigned a DOI, it will NO LONGER BE SUBJECT TO WITHDRAWAL. This is because metadata related to the paper will already be deposited in indexing databases and if the author tries to publish it in another journal, and if a similarity check is carried out, the paper will be marked as already published in  AJTUV. It is therefore important authors send us only those papers for which they are sure they want to be published only in AJTUV.

In cases of doubt about unethical behavior by the authors, and if they intentionally do not respond to editorial team messages (even after multiple reminders) at any stage, after the Review stage of the publishing process, the AJTUV retains all rights to reveal their unethical behavior. Authors who have shown unethical behavior to AJTUV will be posted on the Authors with Unethical Behavior page as well as all case-related documents without requiring additional approval. The AJTUV cannot be held responsible for the consequences that may result from that.